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Ayrton969's Ban appeal

Name: Franco

Username: Ayrton969

Discord name and tag (ex. Butler#8846) : Franx131#5293

Length of Ban: 5 Days

Reason for Ban: Xray

Why you should feel you should be unbanned: I wasn't xraying, i don't have anything to xray. I was just finding diamond because i was at Y = 11, the best place to find diamonds.

Proof to back up your claim: I was screensharing on Community Lounge.

Any comments or concerns: No.

over 4 years ago
pls unban

lmao once i got muted 2 hours just for saying "changing my chat color won't stop me being toxic" as a joke.

over 4 years ago
Ayrton969 Application

Name: Page name: Franx131, Real life name: Franco

Epic Nickname: Ayrton969

Discord Name (Include tag ex: Butler#8846) Franx131#5293

Age: 12


Why would you like to become a builder on this server?: I think you server needs some developing, Also i could help in any build while it doesn't include redstone use


How experienced are you?: In a 0/10 scale, i'd say a 8


Past builds (please submit through imgur, youtube collage (epic background music is required), or through Discord DM's: I think i can only screenshot. But dm me and ill send some screenshots!


If your application is accepted you will then have to participate in a building trial where you will be judged by one or more of staff! Do you consent to this notice?:  Yes

Any Additional Comments or Concerns? Yes, I will get op? What other things i will have as a builder? If my app doesnt get accepted, i could apply later?

And thats all.