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Shotgameriscool's Application


Firstly, You said you had good grammar, but then literally the next word you capitalize the "And" for no reason, You also did not capitalize the "I" after the capitalized and. You did not capitalize multiple I's in this application, I doubt you are 16 as well due to your maturity shown in this application For example "YES CLEARLY YES IM UGLY" "UwU" "Sowwy". Adding to all this, this application was short and the questions were not detailed, 




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Sway1005's Application

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It has been 30+ minutes since you were banned, meaning you could have easily gone to your folder and deleted anything that was sketchy, Unfortunately, I did not record proof since admin+ does not need it so I'm just going to go off basic logic, You said you were in your inventory when you were getting attacked which makes no sense cause firstly why? and secondly, I checked your inventory and your totems were in the first 12-16 slots meaning you could not have dragged your totem to your left hand in a millisecond of your first totem being popped.

All this leads me to believe you are still guilty and are trying to hide it

Locked & Denied



over 3 years ago
HypeTheory's Mod app

After asking the staff manager he agreed we should deny this post as you have not followed the format. Please feel free to reapply in 2 weeks

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Yes i got permission to lock this