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Unfair Ban Appeal (SodaCityFunk_) Round 2

Name: Soda_

Username: SodaCityFunk_

Discord name and tag: SodaCityFunk_#6505

Length of Ban: 5 Days

Reason for Ban: Potential Hacks

Why you should feel you should be unbanned: It may seem like bullshit, but i wasnt hacking

Proof to back up your claim: I showed 3 staff members all my mods folders, my versions and the like. I also run with 20 fps and 400 ping

Any comments or concerns: This is the 2nd time i got banned (in the span of a week not to mention) and i have run out of explantations to back myself up, all i can say is i was fighting people and i had fire on my screen, and faithful texture pack doesnt exactly help with fire on your screen, i was swinging wildy and someone took a video of the EXACT moment i got a weird hit (two times) and i dont know how to explain it other then, well it was pure coincedence. i went on to fight others and getting teamed up on by 3 people, and i pulled out bottles to heal my armour on the go, and because i jitter clicked 11 cps, which to some people, that is another way to prove im hacking. i showed staff my screen and everything, but that was not enough, i even deleted all the clients i could have possibly used for malicious use.

i run on a shite laptop and it would have taken around 2 minutes to download a client, and if i already have all this suspicion stacked up against me, then i dont see a reason to hop back on RIGHT away with aimbot.

please understand my concerns with this unfair ban, and dont bias your opinion on my attitude, as that is kinda being unfair, i may be a fuckwit towards you, but at least give me a chance at a unban.

thanks, im prob not gonna get unbanned, but thanks for listening anyways :P its really my favorite server, and i dont wann ahvae to always be getting banned.

Sincerely, Soda_


over 3 years ago
Ban Appeal (SodaCityFunk_)

Name: Soda

Username: SodaCityFunk_

Discord name and tag : SodaCityFunk_#6505

Length of Ban: 3 Days

Reason for Ban: Using Wurst client

Why you should feel you should be unbanned: i genuinely didnt mean to have it in my mods folder, i was fucking around on other servers and using wurst, when i log in (on Wurst) and promptly get banned

Proof to back up your claim: N/A

Any comments or concerns: I really want to get unbanned, RebelDupe is the only server i like and i got banned, i actually didnt mean to have it in my folder, also SorryImBlind was harassing me about the unfair ban, to some extent. oh and also this is a old account so ignore my old name and skin :P

over 4 years ago
id like to get mod rank pls

I think being able to fly and go vanish and ban people who are bad would be very nice and also nobody can kill me and other things