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Staff application.

Name: Jasper

Minecraft Username: PairOfTacos

Discord Name (Include the numbers Ex. Butler#8846): Magikarp Taco!#6011

Age: 13

Time Zone: EST

Why would you like to become mod on RebelDupe : I would like to be mod because I feel like I would fit. I work well with hackers, Spammers, And rule bypassers, and think I could be a help.

What activities do you have outside of videogames I.E Hobbies: I usally play minecraft most of my time. I like playing dupe servers, and so far this has been my favorite.

If you have applied before please list the Date of the last application, if not, put N/A: N/A

How Long Have You Been Playing RebelDupe?: I have been playing RebelDupe for a few days, Since my friend introduced me.

What do you believe you are known for on the server I.E PvP Skills, Toxic Attitude, Kindess ETC: I am known on the server as an invis troller, base creator, and grinder.

Do you have access to a working Microphone (Yes/No): I do not.

What language/s do you speak fluently?: English is the only language I fluently speak.

Do you have any past leadership experiences (DOES NOT HAVE TO BE IN MINECRAFT): I do, I have owned and co-owned multiple servers.

SCENARIOS (Assume you are a helper)

Scenario 1- You log onto the server and are immediatly bombarded with questions from users and a player is MSGing you stating that they just saw a 
default player flying, you are also being DMed on discord by Rebel about one of your recent bans, what do you do?

I would try to catch them in the act. If I could not do that, I would have to ask trusted players what they saw. If they didn't see anything, I would have to have some sort of evidence.

Scenario 2- You and a staff member are having a disagreement and they threaten to lie to a higher staff saying that you abused, This is during a VC call and you have no recording software running, what do you do?

I would have to gain an admins trust, so I can have someone on my side. There is not much to do, if you can not record the situation.

Scenario 3- You catch a developer abusing their powers and is killing users in creative mode, an admin sees it and is laughing and doing nothing about it, what would you do?

First, I would tell them to stop or I will have to do something about it. If they dont listen I will start recording, and fix the situation. I would message higher ranks to get on when they can.

Random Questions

What's your favorite color?: Blue.

What's your gender?: Male.

What's your favorite animal?: My favorite animal is a turtle.

What hogwarts house do you believe you reside in?: Ravenclaw.

What would you like to see added to RebelDupe?: I would like to see more features, or addons, like slimefun.

What do you dislike most about RebelDupe?: I dislike the fact Rebeldupe has no anticheat.

What do you like the most about RebelDupe?: I like the kind community.



Any additional comments or concerns: There is always time to change.