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Staff Application (ily rebel)



Minecraft Username:

Profilesszszszzs (dont ask ok i was bored, also im going to change it back to DepCiqher at the end of this month)

Discord Name (Include the numbers Ex. Butler#8846):

DepCiqher#0041 (im never changing this so dont ask me)



Time Zone:


Why would you like to become mod on RebelDupe :

because some staff dont like to do their job and i want to stand up for the community, and the entire point of being staff is to make sure people follow the rules.

What activities do you have outside of videogames I.E Hobbies:


If you have applied before please list the Date of the last application, if not, put N/A:


How Long Have You Been Playing RebelDupe?:

i started playing in late 2019

What do you believe you are known for on the server I.E PvP Skills, Toxic Attitude, Kindess ETC:

being blood thirsty 

Do you have access to a working Microphone (Yes/No):


What language/s do you speak fluently?:

chaldean (english duh)

Do you have any past leadership experiences (DOES NOT HAVE TO BE IN MINECRAFT):

yeah, majority in mc, alot on discord

SCENARIOS (Assume you are a helper) ***ok zoomer***


Scenario 1- You log onto the server and are immediatly bombarded with questions from users and a player is MSGing you stating that they just saw a default player flying, you are also being DMed on discord by Rebel about one of your recent bans, what do you do?

i would tell rebel to hold on a minute **im doing something** and then reply to that player, and then when im done with that player ima dm rebel and then respond with the stuff

Scenario 2- You and a staff member are having a disagreement and they threaten to lie to a higher staff saying that you abused, This is during a VC call and you have no recording software running, what do you do?

i would tell rebel to check the logs on the minehut console to prove to everyone that i didnt do anything

Scenario 3- You catch a developer abusing their powers and is killing users in creative mode, an admin sees it and is laughing and doing nothing about it, what would you do?

tell rebel about it and ask the abusive dev to stop and then dm the admin to do something about it so that they dont get punished too

Random Questions

What's your favorite color?:


What's your gender?:


What's your favorite animal?:

bearded dragon

What hogwarts house do you believe you reside in?:


What would you like to see added to RebelDupe?:

factions stuff

What do you dislike most about RebelDupe?:

the low tps

What do you like the most about RebelDupe?:

the blood

Any additional comments or concerns:
L'MANBERG WILL RISE im bored ok ban me