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Staff app

Name: Daniel

Minecraft Username: iLightattack_

Discord Name (Include the numbers Ex. Butler#8846): [RRIS] Asuna#8649

Age: 17

Time Zone:utc 2

Why would you like to become mod on RebelDupe : The reason I would like to become mod so that I can help out with stuff like questions the new players have and enforcing the rules. I am also excellent at being able to identify people using hacks that arent super suspicious so thats a plus I guess. It also seems that sometimes when I am the other staff are offline so I would be able to fill in that gap in the time to work towards always having atleast a single staff member online.

What activities do you have outside of videogames I.E Hobbies: I enjoy building and or repairing computers in my spare time and I go out with my friends alot. (but corona is a thing so dont really do this atm)

If you have applied before please list the Date of the last application, if not, put N/A: 8/11

How Long Have You Been Playing RebelDupe?: I have been playing RebelDupe for the past nearly month

What do you believe you are known for on the server I.E PvP Skills, Toxic Attitude, Kindess ETC: I don't think I am very known, but if I had to choose something it would probably be my dedication to the server because I am almost always online and my name is the absolute best.

Do you have access to a working Microphone (Yes/No): I do have access to a working microphone

What language/s do you speak fluently?: English is all

Do you have any past leadership experiences (DOES NOT HAVE TO BE IN MINECRAFT):

Yeah I used to be server manager for a discord with 300 members and then I resigned around exams time to focus on that


Scenario 1- You log onto the server and are immediatly bombarded with questions from users and a player is MSGing you stating that they just saw a default player flying, you are also being DMed on discord by Rebel about one of your recent bans, what do you do?

Rebel would probably have been DMing me before I logged on so I would have of course got everything sorted with him and then logged on. I then would ask this player whos msging me about the default "flying" if he has physical proof of it happening and if he does I would direct him to my discord to send the proof. After that I would start answering everyones questions.

Scenario 2- You and a staff member are having a disagreement and they threaten to lie to a higher staff saying that you abused, This is during a VC call and you have no recording software running, what do you do?

Well I would first start a recording software to record anything more they say incase they decide to make more threats. After that I would of course get in contact with the higher up, explain the situation, and give my side of the story then wait and see what happens.

Scenario 3- You catch a developer abusing their powers and is killing users in creative mode, an admin sees it and is laughing and doing nothing about it, what would you do?

I would of course take screenshots of the admin laughing in chat and record the developer abusing then I would go to a higher up to explain the situation and provide proof.

What's your favorite color?: Pastel Violet

What's your gender?: I am of the male gender

What's your favorite animal?: Fennec Fox

What hogwarts house do you believe you reside in?: Definitely Ravenclaw

What would you like to see added to RebelDupe?: I would like to see a way to earn ranks ingame for the free to play players out there who are really dedicated to the server.

What do you dislike most about RebelDupe?: There is not much I dislike but sometimes the amount of people who join just to be like "[Insert other duping server name here] is better, im leaving" like for real if your gonna join just to whine, dont.


What do you like the most about RebelDupe?: My favorite part is how active and responsive the staff are to the players. Its not like some other servers where you go report something and then 20 minutes later they decide its something worth while.