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punished for something i was already punished for(SodaCityFunk_)

Name: nick

Username: SodaCityFunk_

Discord name and tag SodaCityFunk_#6505

Length of Ban: 5 then 30 days

Reason for Ban: i got banned for hacking for 5 days, i login 2 days till unban and my ban is extened to more than a month??

Why you should feel you should be unbanned: punished for something i was already punished for, i got my ban extended for the same reason. idk what happened but Sway even stated that "malicious hacks - 5 day ban" 

Proof to back up your claim: N/A 

Any comments or concerns: this staff system is so corrupt, they always finding a way to ban people then they respond to the appeal like "but you were [doing this] " instead of actually listening and considering the statements. its so bad.