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ban appeal

Even though I am just a helper. I would like to clarify. It's a temp ban, which is only 1 hour. It's not a perm ban nor is it a 5-day ban. Please try to understand, that it's not that big of a deal first of all. By the way, you made a Redstone clock connected to a dispenser that was filled with TNT carts. Which means you broke a rule (rule 7 to be specific). Even if it wasn't your intention to lag the server, you still broke a rule. Be glad it's not a 3-day ban or anything severe. 


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Sway1005's Application

+1 vouch. Very nice sway -fomer sr. mod!


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Sway1005's Application

Name: Sway

Minecraft Username: Sway1005

Discord Name (Include the numbers Ex. Butler#8846): Sway#1005

Age: 15

Time Zone: EST 

Why would you like to become a mod on RebelDupe: I have plenty reasons of why I want to become a moderator on RebelDupe. Mainly, I would love to help the community. It's recent resurgence has brought me back and I would love to help out the community. The community is nice, and they are accepting. I've seen plenty of servers that are amazing, but lack in the department of staff. I think I can be a great addition to the server. 

What activities do you have outside of videogames I.E Hobbies: Football, some low level coding.

If you have applied before please list the Date of the last application, if not, put N/A: June 30th 2020 (was accepted) - I retired due to school.

How Long Have You Been Playing RebelDupe?: A little over a year. I try my best to be active in the discord. 

What do you believe you are known for on the server I.E PvP Skills, Toxic Attitude, Kindess ETC: The one moderator which had no clue what was going on, but tried his best to. 

Do you have access to a working Microphone (Yes/No): Yes. I am currently in RebelDupe VC while typing this!

What language/s do you speak fluently?: English, partly Spanish. 

Do you have any past leadership experiences (DOES NOT HAVE TO BE IN MINECRAFT): Been developer multiple times on low-end servers. I've owned servers of my own which did not surge up in popularity. But I had an okay player base. If I do say so myself, I think I can lead people somewhat well. 

SCENARIOS (Assume you are a helper)

Scenario 1- You log onto the server and are immediatly bombarded with questions from users and a player is MSGing you stating that they just saw a 
default player flying, you are also being DMed on discord by Rebel about one of your recent bans, what do you do?

Firstly, I take a deep breath and handle each problem at a time. I don't freak out and panic. First of all, I will use the vanish permission and spectate the person who was accused of hacking. By chance, if they are hacking, I will tell a higher-up staff and record proof. I will then message rebel back on discord and respond to his questions. Then I try my best to answer all the questions that players have. 

Scenario 2- You and a staff member are having a disagreement and they threaten to lie to a higher staff saying that you abused, This is during a VC call and you have no recording software running, what do you do?

I try to negotiate with the other staff member. If that doesn't work out, I message a higher staff such as a staff manager and tell him/her what the issue is. I will try to provide as much information I can to the staff manager. Since in this scenario, I don't have recording software, there isn't much I can do besides give my word. 

Scenario 3- You catch a developer abusing their powers and is killing users in creative mode, an admin sees it and is laughing and doing nothing about it, what would you do?

I would ask the developer to stop, and then tell the admin to take action. If that doesn't work I would record proof. Then I will show and tell the staff manager and hope that action is taken against both the admin and the developer. 


Random Questions

What's your favorite color?: Orange

What's your gender?: Male 

What's your favorite animal?: Platypus

What hogwarts house do you believe you reside in?: Hufflepuff? - I don't know much about Hogwarts house traits. 

What would you like to see added to RebelDupe?: A buy system, or maybe even plots again. Something like custom items would great too!

What do you dislike most about RebelDupe?: Honestly nothing. The community is nice, there aren't many bugs that aren't fixed. 

What do you like the most about RebelDupe?: The community and especially the staff team. 



Any additional comments or concerns:

I was a former rebeldupe senior moderator. I resigned due to school. I would love to be part of the team again. Thank you for taking your time and reading this application. 


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u hpk'b fkhrwsbakh?



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OscarInnit's Staff Application.

Tons of detail, I would also like to see you as staff again!