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Staff Apps Reopened

Name: mical

Minecraft Username: xXxkillermanxXx

Discord Name:  i dont watch my little pony

Age: 8

Time Zone: what a timezone

Why would you like to become mod on RebelMC: cuz i can 

Do you have any experience moderating: no how do i do that

If presented with the opportunity as a Helper how would you assist the server in hacker and clean chat management: i'd call my mom to help me

How active would you be on the server: yes

Any additional comments or concerns: hi

over 3 years ago
__Ang's Ban Appeal. (again..)

Name: Sharman

Username: __Ang

Discord name and tag: Catalock#9956

Length of Ban: Permanent

Reason for Ban: Saying F*G

Why you should feel you should be unbanned: I did not say the full word. I said f*g because I knew that saying the full word would result in a ban. That's why I purposely said f*g instead of fag. I do think that this is my mistake though as I was trying to make a joke and I overdid it causing in my ban. I think that it is totally up to staff to unban me but I am deeply sorry for my mistake and I won't say f*g again.

Proof to back up your claim: Lynx stated that there is no filter for saying fag, which is why I purposely didn't say the a and bleeped it out. Again, totally up to the staff team to decide the fate of my ban.

Any comments or concerns: hopefully I get unbanned 

over 3 years ago
OscarInnit's Staff Application.

Very much detail. 



over 3 years ago
PetLuck's Ban Appeal (again...)

Your sorry for getting caught. Not for breaking the rules.



over 3 years ago
__Ang's ban appeal.

Name: Sharman

Username: __Ang

Discord name and tag : Catalock#9956

Length of Ban: 1 day

Reason for Ban: Escaping Market with Pearls

Why you should feel you should be unbanned: I meant it as a joke and I wasnt going to do anything malicious. I just wanted to escape to flex XD

Proof to back up your claim: Anyone in the vc knows that I was making a simple joke.

Any comments or concerns: I meant it as a joke and I am sorry for breaking out of market.